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A spotlight on our Sponsors

Rainy Day Resort, Voices of Sustainability, sponsors this website as it is located in Old Town Chinatown and its chief curator is Ruth Ann Barrett, the driver behind the One Hundred and One Dogs project.  Donations help support our work.  We are not tax-exempt nor profitable, but sustainable and working on behalf of Mother Earth and her children.

Rainy Day Resort is a 24-hr facility serving dogs for their caregivers in NE Portland with mid-week daycare & overnight stays all week.

John Black founder of Rainy Day Resort saw the need for a full service business providing daycare, walks, overnight stays & ALL transport to and from your home. From a dog’s perspective, he feels a shorter time away from home is better for them. Rainy Day Resort is licensed for 10 dogs but stay around 60% capacity for safety. Contact John at 503.498.8287 phone or text. 

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